In 2009, 26 Barn owl nest boxes were supplied and distributed to landowners throughout the Stour Area, with a grant from Stratford District Council and Stour 2020 Vision Group, as a Local Biodiversity Action Plan project. In 2012, we joined with the South Warwickshire Barn Owl Survey team and now monitor over 40 boxes in the local area! In 2014, with the continued cooperation and support from local farmers and landowners, we hope to increase that number to over 50. Many have also improved habitat through agri-environmental schemes. These have great benefits to wildlife and we hope they will continue to be rewarded for this essential service to nature, under any new schemes in the CAP Reforms!   

Some local landowners have also increased the number of nest sites by installing their own Barn owl nest boxes. These can be made to go inside buildings (left) or fixed to a tree, post or wall outside (above).


“The barn owl is on Schedule 1 of both the Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981 and The Wildlife (Northern Ireland) Order, 1985; therefore the birds, their nests, eggs and young are fully protected at all times throughout the UK. It is also an offence to intentionally or recklessly disturb barn owls at an active nest site with eggs or young or before eggs are laid, or to disturb the dependent young. This is not normally a problem on working farms and farmers are often in the best position to ensure freedom from disturbance. The Act caters for incidental disturbance, which could not reasonably be avoided.” RSPB.  

Not just Barn owls have benefited from the boxes, The box on the right has been home to 2 broods of Kestrels since it was installed!

(The Kestrel has also suffered a significant decline in recent years!)

If you have suitable habitat and are thinking of installing a Barn Owl box, or have already installed a box in the Stour Area, please do let us know as our fully BTO licensed team will be happy to assist and advise on box types and locating. Barn Owl boxes also need regular maintenance if breeding is to be successful, some of which can only be done by BTO licensed personnel.