The SVWAG are assisting with the National Survey of our endangered dormouse. 50 nest tubes were donated to SVWAG by The WDCG (Warwickshire Dormouse Conservation Group). The tubes are used to encourage dormice to make Summer nests in and this will enable us to discover where they still exist. The tubes were deployed in local woodland on the 27th March, ready for when the hibernating dormice emerge in April.

We will be checking the tubes several times throughout the year from May onwards, for signs of dormouse activity. We will also be conducting a Nut Search, to see if any hazel nuts opened by dormice can be found toward the end of the season.

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Monitoring the tubes in 2011-2012 has not yet revealed any signs of dormice so, we are leaving them in situ for another season. We will be checking the tubes again later in the year!

(Right) The Hazel Dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius) , is an endangered and fully protected species under both United Kingdom and European law. It is also included in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan as a priority species.

(Left) A dormouse nest tube in situ, If you do come across one of these tubes, please don’t disturb them as they will be part of an important National Survey. The results of this survey, could help save the species from extinction!

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