Boundaries of the Watsonian Vice-counties for the British Isles



The Watsonian Vice-counties were the boundaries by which biological records were originally kept. Because county boundaries are constantly changing for political and administrative purposes, it was decided that to keep the continuity, Vice-counties would always be used for biological recording.  



The inset picture (Right) is the Vice-county of Warwickshire or VC 38, this is divided into a 10km square grid with the reference numbers given for each square. These squares are further broken down to give a more accurate grid reference. With modern technology like GPS, a 10 figure grid reference is achievable and accurate to within a metre or so. Warwickshires biological records are kept by the WBRC Warwickshire Biological Recording Centre at the County Records Office in Warwick.


Recording wildlife can be a rewarding and fascinating pass time of great value locally, nationally and even internationally. Population trends of protected and notable species. Habitats, their quality, creation and loss. Migration, the distribution of new species and extinctions are monitored more and more by an army of enthusiastic amateur naturalists, joined by their passion to insure a future for all of our native wildlife.

Anyone can have a go at recording, from keeping records of birds that visit the garden to going out into the countryside and recording wildflowers, insects or any particular area of interest. The SVWAG has compatible software to transfer records to the WBRC and our members have a sound collective knowledge of local Flora & Fauna.   



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